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Michael McFaul


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Michael Anthony McFaul is an American academic and professor of political science who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014. Prior to his nomination to the ambassadorial position, McFaul worked for the U.S.
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Unstable Majorities
Polarization, Party Sorting, and Political Stalemate (Hoover Institution Press Publication)
by Morris P. Fiorina (Oct 31, 2017)
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Tags: politicsnonfiction
America is currently fighting its second Civil War. Partisan politics are ripping this country apart. The 2016 election will go down as the most acrimonious presidential campaign of all. Such statements have become standard fare in American politics. In a time marked by gridlock and incivility, it seems the only thing Americans can agree on is this...
The Back Channel
A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal
by William J. Burns (Mar 11, 2019)
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Tags: politicsnonfictionhistorybiography-and-memoir
From America's "secret diplomatic weapon" (The Atlantic), comes a memoir of service for five Presidents and ten Secretaries of State, an impassioned argument for renewing diplomacy as the tool of first resort in American statecraft.Ambassador William J. Burns is the most distinguished and admired American diplomat of his generation. Over the course...
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