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Sam Riegel


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Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel, also known as Sam Regal or Jack Lingo, is an American voice actor, director and writer best known for voicing Donatello in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Phoenix Wright in the Ace Attorney games.
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Nobody Likes a Goblin
by Ben Hatke (Jun 06, 2016)
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Goblin, a cheerful little homebody, lives in a cosy, rat-infested dungeon, with his only friend, Skeleton. Every day, Goblin and Skeleton play with the treasure in their dungeon. But one day, a gang of "heroic" adventurers bursts in. These marauders trash the place, steal all the treasure, and make off with Skeletonleaving Goblin all alone!It's up ...