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Sean McDowell


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Dr. Sean McDowell leads the Bible department at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools in California. The awarded teacher is also a popular national youth speaker, editor of the HCSB Apologetics Study.
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Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism
by Elijah Hixson (Nov 04, 2019)
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Tags: historyspiritualreligion
Since the unexpected popularity of Bart Ehrman's bestselling Misquoting Jesus, textual criticism has become a staple of Christian apologetics.Ehrman's skepticism about recovering the original and inerrant text of the New Testament does deserve a response. However, this renewed apologetic interest in textual criticism has created fresh problems for ...
My Father, Bertrand Russell
by Katharine Tait (Dec 31, 1974)
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Tags: philosophy
Katharine Tait, daughter of Bertrand and Dora Russell, here vividly portrays the extraordinary and stimulating environment she grew up in. In refreshing contrast to the interpretation of Russell as philosopher and public figure, Tait's is a close personal account of her deep love and admiration for her father and its gradual tempering by the imperf...