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Todd Nesloney


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Todd Nesloney is the Director of Culture and Strategic Leadership for the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA). He was previously a Principal/Lead Learner at a PreK-5 school in Texas. He is an award winning author for his work in co-authoring Kids Deserve It! and Sparks in the Dark.
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When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
by Jamie L.B. Deenihan (Mar 04, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: childrens
When Grandma gives you a lemon tree, definitely don’t make a face! Care for the tree, and you might be surprised at how new things, and new ideas, bloom.   “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this imaginative take on that popular saying, a child is surprised (and disappointed) to receive a lemon tree from Grandma for her birthday. Afte...
Most People
by Michael Leannah (Aug 14, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: childrens
Michael Leannah wrote
A Boy Like You
by Frank Murphy (Jul 14, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: childrens
There's more to being a boy than sports, feats of daring, and keeping a stiff upper lip. A Boy Like You encourages every boy to embrace all the things that make him unique, to be brave and ask for help, to tell his own story and listen to the stories of those around him. In an age when boys are expected to fit into a particular mold, this book cele...
I Want to Be a Lot
by Ashley Savage (Jun 23, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Douglas, You Need Glasses!
by Ged Adamson (May 16, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: childrenshumor-and-comedy
Meet Douglas, a dog with a big problem: he needs eyeglasses but doesn’t know it, and his bad eyesight tends to land him in some pretty hairy situations.   Readers will laugh along with the new picture book character Douglas as he chases a leaf that he mistakes for a squirrel, walks through wet cement because he can’t see the warning sign, and annoy...
And That's Why She's My Mama
by Tiarra Nazario (Mar 14, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Write to Me
Letters from Japanese American Children to the Librarian They Left Behind
by Cynthia Grady (Jan 08, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: nonfictionhistorybiography-and-memoirchildrens
A touching story about Japanese American children who corresponded with their beloved librarian while they were imprisoned in World War II internment camps.When Executive Order 9066 is enacted after the attack at Pearl Harbor, children's librarian Clara Breed's young Japanese American patrons are to be sent to prison camp. Before they are moved, Br...
Two Can Keep a Secret
by Karen M. McManus (Jan 07, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: mystery-and-crimeteen-and-young-adultcontemporary-fictionfiction
Echo Ridge is small-town America. Ellery's never been there, but she's heard all about it. Her aunt went missing there at age seventeen. And only five years ago, a homecoming queen put the town on the map when she was killed. Now Ellery has to move there to live with a grandmother she barely knows.The town is picture-perfect, but it's hiding secret...
Science With Scarlett
What Color Will It Be?
by Gary Abud Jr (Apr 11, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
The Limitless School
Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle
by Abe Hege (Feb 14, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: leadershipeducation
Culture is the invisible and driving force that shapes learning experiences, the community’s perceptions, and students’ memories—which is why being intentional about creating a positive culture is imperative for your school’s success. This book identifies the nine pillars that support a positive school culture and explains how each stakeholder has ...