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Zitto Kabwe


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A Strangeness in My Mind
A novel (Vintage International)
by Orhan Pamuk (Sep 19, 2016)
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Tags: fictionpolitics
Arriving in Istanbul as a boy, Mevlut Karataş is enthralled by both the old city that is disappearing and the new one that is fast being built. He becomes a street vendor, like his father, hoping to strike it rich, but luck never seems to be on Mevlut's side. He spends three years writing love letters to a girl he has seen just once, only to elope ...
by Orhan Pamuk (Jul 18, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: fictionadventurecontemporarythriller
One of multiple covers for ISBN 9780375706868.A spellbinding tale of disparate yearnings for love, art, power, and God set in a remote Turkish town, where stirrings of political Islamism threaten to unravel the secular order; by the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature.From the acclaimed author of My Name Is Red comes a spellbinding tale...
Two Weeks in November
The Astonishing Inside Story of the Coup That Toppled Mugabe
by Douglas Rogers (Oct 24, 2018)
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