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Hannah Fry


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Hannah Fry is a mathematician, author, lecturer, radio and television presenter, podcaster and public speaker. Her work includes studying the patterns of human behaviour, such as interpersonal relationships and dating and how mathematics can apply to them.
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The Hidden Half
How the World Conceals its Secrets
by Michael Blastland (Apr 03, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: businesspsychologysciencebiologymedicalphilosophy
Why does one smoker die of lung cancer but another live to 100? The answer is 'The Hidden Half' - those random, unknowable variables that mess up our attempts to comprehend the world.We humans are very clever creatures - but we're idiots about how clever we really are. In this entertaining and ingenious book, Blastland reveals how in our quest to m...
The Wonky Donkey
by Craig Smith (Apr 30, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: childrens
Kids will love this cumulative and hysterical read-aloud that features a free downloadable song!"I was walking down the road and I saw...a donkey, Hee Haw!And he only had three legs!He was a wonky donkey."Children will be in fits of laughter with this perfect read-aloud tale of an endearing donkey. By the book's final page, readers end up with a sp...