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Timothy Burke


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Amusing Ourselves to Death
Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
by Neil Postman (Dec 26, 2005)
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Tags: arthumortechnologyreferencepolitics
Television has conditioned us to tolerate visually entertaining material measured out in spoonfuls of time, to the detriment of rational public discourse and reasoned public affairs. In this eloquent, persuasive book, Neil Postman alerts us to the real and present dangers of this state of affairs, and offers compelling suggestions as to how to with...
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The Great Firewall of China
How to Build and Control an Alternative Version of the Internet
by James Griffiths (Mar 14, 2019)
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Tags: politicstechnology
Once little more than a glorified porn filter, China’s ‘Great Firewall’ has evolved into the most sophisticated system of online censorship in the world. Even as the Chinese internet grows and online businesses thrive, speech is controlled, dissent quashed, and any attempts to organise outside the official Communist Party are quickly stamped out. B...