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Mike Shellenberger


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Michael Shellenberger is an American author, environmental policy writer, cofounder of Breakthrough Institute and founder of Environmental Progress.
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The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources―and What Happens Next
by Andrew McAfee (Oct 07, 2019)
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Tags: money-and-financenonfictionsciencebusinesstechnologyhistory
From the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Second Machine Age, a compelling argumentmasterfully researched and brilliantly articulatedthat we have at last learned how to increase human prosperity while treading more lightly on our planet. Throughout history, the only way for humanity to grow was by degrading the Earth: chopping down for...
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How One Thing Leads to Another
by Philip Ball (May 15, 2006)
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Tags: sciencenonfictionmoney-and-financephysicspsychologysociology
Are there "natural laws" that govern the ways in which humans behave and organize themselves, just as there are physical laws that govern the motions of atoms and planets? Unlikely as it may seem, such laws now seem to be emerging from attempts to bring the tools and concepts of physics into the social sciences. These new discoveries are part of an...