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Peter Thiel is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies and Founders Fund. He was ranked No. 4 on the Forbes Midas List of 2014, with a net worth of $2.2 billion, and No. 328 on the Forbes 400 in 2018, with a net worth of $2.5 billion
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The Diamond Age
Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (Bantam Spectra Book)
by Neal Stephenson (May 01, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: fictionscience-fiction
The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer is a postcyberpunk novel by Neal Stephenson. It is to some extent a science fiction coming-of-age story, focused on a young girl named Nell, and set in a future world in which nanotechnology affects all aspects of life. The novel deals with themes of education, social class, ethnicity, and the ...
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Zero to One
Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future
by Peter Thiel (Sep 15, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: economicsentrepreneurshipbusinessreference
If you want to build a better future, you must believe in secrets.The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things. Thiel begins with the contrarian premise t...
100 Plus
by Sonia Arrison (Apr 22, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: relationshipparentingtechnologyscience
Humanity is on the cusp of an exciting longevity revolution. The first person to live to 150 years has probably already been born. What will your life look like when you live to be over 100? Will you be healthy? Will your marriage need a sunset clause? How long will you have to work? Will you finish one career at sixty-five only to go back to schoo...
Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
by Timothy Snyder (Oct 01, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: historyunited-statespoliticspsychology
Americans call the Second World War “The Good War.” But before it even began, America’s wartime ally Josef Stalin had killed millions of his own citizens—and kept killing them during and after the war. Before Hitler was finally defeated, he had murdered six million Jews and nearly as many other Europeans. At war’s end, both the German and the Sovie...
Resurrection from the Underground
Feodor Dostoevsky (Studies in Violence, Mimesis, & Culture)
by Rene Girard (Dec 31, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: psychologymedical
In a fascinating analysis of critical themes in Feodor Dostoevsky’s work, René Girard explores the implications of the Russian author’s “underground,” a site of isolation, alienation, and resentment. Brilliantly translated, this book is a testament to Girard’s remarkable engagement with Dostoevsky’s work, through which he discusses numerous aspects...
The Decadent Society
How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success
by Ross Douthat (Feb 24, 2020)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: historytechnologyscienceunited-statespolitics
From the New York Times columnist and bestselling author of Bad Religion, a powerful portrait of how our age in human history, so superficially turbulent, is actually defined by stagnation, repetition, deadlocks, and decayToday the Western world seems to be in crisis. But beneath our social media frenzy and reality-television politics, the deeper r...
Peter Thiel
Sets the stakes for the most urgent public debate of the 2020s: How do we get back to the future?     source
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The Great Illusion
A Study of the Relation of Military Power to National Advantage
by Norman Angell (Jul 24, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been...
New Atlantis and The City of the Sun
Two Classic Utopias (Dover Thrift Editions)
by Francis Bacon (Jul 17, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: engineering
In keeping with the inquisitive spirit of their times, two 17th-century writers envisioned their own philosophical and intellectual utopias. Tomasso Campanella, a Calabrian monk, published The City of the Sun in 1623, and Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis appeared in 1627. Campanella was a student of logic and physics; Bacon focused on politics and ...
The New Atlantis
by Francis Bacon (Apr 02, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Peter Thiel
I like the genre of past books written about the future.     source
How Non-Conformists Move the World
by Adam Grant (Feb 06, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: self-helpbusinessmotivationalmanagementleadershippsychology
The #1 New York Times bestseller that examines how people can champion new ideasand how leaders can fight groupthink, from the author of Give and Take and co-author of Option BReading Originals made me feel like I was seated across from Adam Grant at a dinner party, as one of my favorite thinkers thrilled me with his insights and his wonderfully ne...
Peter Thiel
It can sometimes seem as if one must learn everything old before one can try anything new. Adam Grant does a masterful job showing that is not the case; we are lucky to have him as a guide.     source
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World
From Marathon to Waterloo
by Edward Shepherd Creasy (Feb 16, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: history
Peter Thiel
Peter would, at one point, pass me a copy of The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, the book he had read as he’d mulled his options over.     source
The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
by Ben Horowitz (Mar 03, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: businessleadershipmanagemententrepreneurship
A lot of people talk about how great it is to start a business, but only Ben Horowitz is brutally honest about how hard it is to run one.In The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and one of Silicon Valley's most respected and experienced entrepreneurs, draws on his own story of founding, running, selling, b...
Peter Thiel
Ben Horowitz has written the first true guide for protecting a startup from self-sabotage.     source
Conversations with Trevor Cribben Merrill (Studies in Violence, Mimesis, & Culture)
by Jean-Michel Oughourlian (Sep 30, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: psychologyspiritualreligionmedicalpoliticsphilosophyhistory
For thousands of years, political leaders have unified communities by aligning them against common enemies. However, today more than ever, the search for “common” enemies results in anything but unanimity. Scapegoats like Saddam Hussein, for example, led to a stark polarization in the United States. Renowned neuropsychiatrist and psychologist Jean-...
Peter Thiel
For a fresh application of Mr. Girard’s insights into power politics, that great international theater of irrationality.     source
The Lord of the Rings
50th Anniversary, One Vol. Edition
by J.R.R. Tolkien (Dec 31, 2004)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: fictionclassicfantasy
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it ...
Peter Thiel
The classic novel I always give.     source
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Atlas Shrugged
by Ayn Rand (Jul 31, 1999)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: fictionclassicpoliticscontemporaryscience-fictionfantasy
This is the story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world and did. Was he a destroyer or the greatest of liberators?Why did he have to fight his battle, not against his enemies, but against those who needed him most, and his hardest battle against the woman he loved? What is the worlds motor and the motive power of every man? Y...
Peter Thiel
When I first read Ayn Rand's books in the late 80s, it felt pretty crazy. And in the last decades, it's in many ways felt much more correct.     source
Discourses on Livy
by Niccolo Machiavelli (Jul 14, 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: historyphilosophypolitics
Discourses on Livy is the founding document of modern republicanism, and Harvey C. Mansfield and Nathan Tarcov have provided the definitive English translation of this classic work. Faithful to the original Italian text, properly attentive to Machiavelli's idiom and subtlety of thought, it is eminently readable. With a substantial introduction, ext...
Peter Thiel
Something in these pages planted itself deep into Peter Thiel’s mind when he first read it long ago.     source
Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World
by René Girard (May 31, 1987)
Goodreads Rating
Tags: fictioncontemporary
An astonishing work of cultural criticism, this book is widely recognized as a brilliant and devastating challenge to conventional views of literature, anthropology, religion, and psychoanalysis. In its scope and itnerest it can be compared with Freud's Totem and Taboo, the subtext Girard refutes with polemic daring, vast erudition, and a persuasiv...
The American Challenge
by Jean Jacques. Servan-Schreiber (May 31, 1968)
Goodreads Rating
“The signs and instruments of power are no longer armed legions or raw materials or capital… The wealth we seek does not lie in the earth or in numbers of men or in machines, but in the human spirit. And particularly in the ability of men to think and to create.” -- Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber in his international bestseller, The American Challen...